Just goin thru my playlist and came across my man Major Lazer and thought i would post this up! The Major is definitely someone who mixed up genres and brought a totally different style to the scene which people begun to like quickly! Here a two remixes from artists you wouldnt expect to mess with his style but have, and ended up with some super cool remixes.

Frail Limb Purity – Grum v. Major Lazer

Major Lazer – Cash Flow (Classixx Glass Bottom Dub Mix)

Star Guitar

Hello world! I a member from the Trashbags family would like to introduce you to Star Guitar! Hailing from Belgium i like you to meet Bryan Guillume. Coming across with so many awesome sounds! I just love the fact you can listen to the same guy and not get bored. With Star Guitar’s recent release of the HUMDRUM EP which is out now! I’m sure you can give out your support and check this guy out!

ARNAUD REBOTINI – The Swamp Waltz (Star Guitar Remix)

SALM – 5AM v3b (Star Guitar Remix)

Pulpalicious (Star Guitar Remix)


What a night Friday was as we all got our crunk on at the French Fries launch! very fun night! with with a change of music from hard trashy beats back to the old school hip hop along with disco beats, so still being feeling that vibe i thought i would post MattGC. This dj hailing from the sunshine state of Queensland really likes mixing disco with hip hop/rnb and he has done really well mixing LMFAO’s popular track “im in miami bitch” which you hear everywhere you go, being busted out in clubs but this time he has put a touch of disco but still keeping the hip hop flavor there. Also check out hes wicked Pitbull and Tiga mash up.LMFAO-Im In Miami (MattGC Remix)

Pitbull Vs Tiga – Girl O’Clock (MattGC Remix)

a night with Gtronic

If the air was filled with any more intensity or vibe, it could have very well taken down the great wall of china, the date.. the night with Gtronic.

Social killers club thriving with a sea of people, stage diving, anarchy, chaos are probably one of the best way to describe the night Gtronic hit main stage of Oxford art factory.

Long time friend Greg-atronic to the Posse, has been providing the blog world with fantastic music, with his newly release of Ironman, this guy has stamped his foot into the stairway to heaven as a serious producer for 2009/2010.

Providing us here @ Trashbagskids one of his biggest remix of 2009 15 seconds from Autodidakt, this song is an absolute banger. cool, repetitive catchy melody line, only to kick in to some serious hardcore screamo like grunt, its driving, .. its punchy.. its Gtronic at his best.

Gtronic Myspace

Autodidak feat. RQM – 15 seconds (Gtronic Remix)

Something a La Mode

I already briefly mentioned these guys in an earlier post with their own remix of their track Rondo Parisiano.
Turns out Something A La Mode (SALM) is more than a one trick pony. In fact, with the release of their first and only album, these French youths are said to have created a new genre! They call it “electro-strings”. I don’t know what to call it, but raised on rigorous training in classical string music during the day, and world-class live electro acts that only the French are so lucky to have during the night, the fusion electro and classical was inevitable for them.

They’ve already opened for the likes of Basement Jaxx, and have made a big name for themselves in Paris, playing for 15,000 person crowds. Look out for these guys as they are still young, and are on the verge of pushing through with their unique sound.

Something A La Mode – G-String
Something A La Mode – Rondo Parisiano (Donovan Remix)
Something A La Mode – 5 AM ft K Flay (Valerna Remix)
Something A La Mode – Schubert A La Mode (Sexinvaders Edit)

you can find original mixes of their tracks on their Myspace or buy them on Beatport, and if you dig the strings like I do you’re gonna want to hear the originals, where they are really showcased.

it only gets better… Redial / Nadisko

Following up from the Barretso Remix, Redial strikes again… with a Boys noize Remix of Transmission. Bring le’old Redial back they say, 08, when he released 45 Overdrive for the first time, it hit the blogesphere to making it a favourite to alot of bloggers across the world.

This remix, is alot tougher, TUFFEMUP! artist Redial is gearing up, experimenting, and we are only to imagine what his next EP is to contain.

Enjoy this banger.

Redial Myspace

Boys Noize – Transmission (Redial Remix)


Hunted down Nadisko, have been in the lime light across europe with quite a few offers for their first release of their EP, Freelance boys (For now) Alex & Blake have given Trashbagskids an exclusive..

RING RING RINGERRRR… biggest tune i have heard to date, it reminds me of the early 90′ clashing with the future. This Tune Nadisko have produced has not only attracted our attention, but long time Friend GTRONIC from antwerp for a remix, which we know that gregatronic golden boy from Belgium knows how to make things explode.

This piece is superb, and should be in every djs playlist.

Nadisko Myspace


Barretso // Farfletched & Defeat

There’s no denying that with his musical prowess, Barretso of Tuff Em Up Records has knocked us all clean off our feet at the speed of light. It comes as no surprise then that he’s drawn the attention of several other talented producers.

So it is with great pleasure we showcase to you, Barretso gems from Scotsman Farfletched and Aussie Defeat.

Kicking off with Farfletched; the man has achieved nothing short of an amazing style synch’. His mix of We Wont stop has an almost…amazing affinity with the original track. Farfletched’s harnessing of Barretso’s powerful vocals and synth’s, combined with his own masterful ingenuity has resulted in a truly impressive track… My ears haven’t stopped thanking me for this, hopefully yours will show you the same gratitude with some sweet, sweet endorphins.

Defeat, Defeat, Defeat… The producer from Perth has been nothing but virtually unknown to the rest the of the world, until now that is… Yep, with him machine gunning bangers of tracks in every which way, it’s hard to keep him all to ourselves and well… It’d be downright selfish if we did.

Defeat has remixed We Wont Stop into his own audio delicacy. Keeping the Barretso aesthetic but with a darker flair; Clean cut, sharp and precise… Defeat has undeniably established his own definitive sound…and it’s one of a damn high caliber. Which thankfully for us, he’s poured into this track.

To Farfletched and Defeat, I salute you for these juggernaut remixes.

Barretso – We Wont Stop (Farfletched Remix)
Barretso – We Wont Stop (Defeat Remix)


And here we have Kichen (pronounced Kitchen), The side project of one half of US fidget duo Deviant Sound, who were last year dubbed as one of the top 100 producers to look out for in 09 by Fidget magazine. Daniel Moomey, a 10 year DJ has now been producing for 5 years and has previously worked in collaboration on remixes and releases with such artist’s as Stupid Fresh, Cold Blank, Heavy Feet, Riva Starr and many more.

With his unique sound and music style revolving around distortion, metal licks, disco redesign and of course filthy bass, the 2 0 1 0 looks to be a big one for him!

Check out his original “Nsitien” & Remix of Knighstalkers.

Kichen – Nsitien

Knighstalker – Narcotics (Kichen Remix)